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Winter 2021: Luminous Darkness



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Nourishing Faith


Welcoming All


Doing Good


BEing Church


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Pastor: Steve Reiser

Editorial Board: Shirley Durr, Cynthia Lillquist, Mary Ellen Reetz-Pegues, Brian Lillquist, Saundra Johnson

Photographs: Aaron Jones (cover photo)Nan Rice, Nancy Meisel-Youngman, Cynthia Lillquist, Steve Reiser


Image Attributions:

·      aurora borealis photo: (

·      Year of Justice logo: Steve Reiser

·      Boundaries photo: “The Beginning is Near” (

·      Warnock/Ossof photo: (Epiphany article) Brynn Anderson/AP Photo

·      Devotional photo: “In the Wilderness of Sinai” by Igor Ulanovsky


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Blessings, fellow Epworthians!  We made it to 2021. Can you believe it? We are calling 2021  The Year of Justice . How can we be engaged with God’s plan to make the world a more Just place? What is Epworth’s place in that plan? What is  your  place in God’s plan? We began the  Year of Justice  in worship on January 17. Our Scriptures throughout the year will explore justice. We’ll go in depth into the Older Testament book of Amos and the New Testament book of James, taking particular note how they address justice.   We’ve just started a Racial justice Book Club. We are reading  How to be an Anti-Racist  by Ibram X. Kendi. Even if you don’t join the Book Club, I’ve got copies of the book for you. I’m confident that the conversations will be rich and enlightening. I hope that we’ll come to new understanding, perhaps be transformed, and maybe even endeavor to change the world. Hopefully this will be just the first Book Club in a series, so if you didn’t join this first one, look for the n

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